"Gratitude journaling is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself and your mental and emotional well-being." - Brené Brown

My mind was pure junk. My anxiety was through the roof. So much so that I had a hard time functioning. The Summer of 2022 I was at an all time low with my mental health and I took a month off to try to get myself right side up. I know you're probably saying "Must Be Nice"...but it was honestly life or death for me. I got in therapy and started journaling and it's completely and I mean COMPLETELY changed my life in so many ways...below I'm sharing a tool I used to help get my mental health out of the gutter, fall in love with my life and company all over again, AND become BOLD about my goals!

Create a Gratitude Journaling Habit with Candles: A Guide to Improve Mental and Emotional Well-being

What is Gratitude Journaling?

Gratitude journaling is the practice of writing down things that you're grateful for on a regular basis. It's a powerful way to shift focus from what's lacking in your life to what you already have. And when you start to appreciate the blessings that you already have, you'll be amazed at how much more motivated you'll become to reach your goals.

This simple practice can help you to appreciate the blessings in your life and increase your motivation to reach your goals.

Benefits of gratitude journaling include developing a positive mindset, staying focused on your goals, and overcoming obstacles. Gratitude journaling can help you to see the world in a different light, increase your optimism, resilience, and determination to achieve your goals. 

gratitude journal card about positivity

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a habit of journaling what you're thankful for using candles:

Step 1: Choose a time of day that works best for you. Whether you prefer journaling in the morning to set a positive tone for the day or at night to reflect on the day's events, find a time that works for you. I have the ADHD of all ADHDs and I have a love hate relationship with habits. When I started I didn't have a set time of day but I made the promise to myself that I wouldn't go to bed without journaling...and most days I made it!

Step 2: Find a comfortable and quiet location. This can be a room in your home or a comfortable outdoor spot, free from distractions and with everything you need for journaling, such as a pen and paper or a gratitude journal. My favorite spot is in my big comfy leather chair in my bedroom.

Step 3: Light a candle before you begin your journaling session. The soft glow of the candle can create a peaceful and reflective atmosphere and serves as a reminder to focus on the present moment and things you're grateful for. Scent is also closely related to memory so lighting the same scent every night really helped me form the habit. I used Maxin and Relaxin Candles but I also share my faves below!

Step 4: Reflect and write down things you're grateful for. You can focus on specific aspects of your life or simply note what comes to mind. For me I really had to dig deep at first but the more I days I journaled the easier and quicker I recognized things in my life that I was soooo grateful for. The first night I wrote down two lines...now sometimes I'm writing pages full! 

Step 5: Repeat the process at the same time each day or week. Consistency is key when forming a habit, so make sure to journal at the same time every day or week. Again this was hard for me and I found that I was journaling in the mornings sometime and right before bed other times. For me first thing in the morning really got my day off to a great start but journaling at night helped me to calm my anxious thoughts and get a better nights sleep. See what works best for you...be gentle with yourself and flexible BUT don't give up! 

By incorporating candles into your gratitude journaling practice, you'll be able to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, which can make the act of journaling even more enjoyable. And as you build a gratitude journaling habit, you'll be reminded to focus on the good things in life and build a positive mindset.

Adding candles to your gratitude journaling practice can enhance the experience even further, providing a soothing and comforting ambiance, as well as a focal point for reflection and introspection. Here are the ones I use for my journal time.....