Our Mission

HB is an economic equity movement forged in the spirit of sisterhood disguised as a luxury candle-making studio.

Hummingbirds mission is to create inviting spaces, socially responsible products and celebration-worthy experiences, in order to create equitable,  flexible, fair-wage employment opportunities for women, supporting their financial independence and personal growth, And donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations already putting in the work to create sustainable communities by supporting its backbone--women.

Social Responsibility

At Hummingbird Candle Co., we're dedicated to social responsibility, aiming to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We believe in minimizing our environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices, ethically sourcing materials, and supporting fair labor practices. Engaging with and giving back to our communities through philanthropy and volunteerism is essential to us, as is fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where every employee feels valued and empowered. Through initiatives like environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, community engagement, and employee well-being, we're committed to creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and compassionate world for all. At Hummingbird Candle Co., we give a flock!

Organizations that we donate to: One dollar from every purchase is donated Connections of Cumberland County a non-profit that empowers women and children who are homeless or at risk for homelessness to become self-reliant and Project Dignity is a nonprofit on a mission to provide period products to those in need in Western North Carolina who might be homeless, low-income, or victims of domestic abuse.


At Hummingbird Candle Co., professionalism is at the core of our ethos, guiding our actions and interactions with integrity, respect, and ethical behavior. We uphold the Fly High Principles, embodying a proactive mindset where employees show up ready, seize opportunities to exceed expectations, prioritize efficiency over bureaucracy, embrace curiosity-driven innovation, and uphold the highest standards of quality as a shared responsibility. We believe in inclusivity and collaboration, where everyone has a key role to play in our collective success, fostering a culture of mutual respect, trust, and empowerment.

Unreasonable Hospitality

At Hummingbird Candle Co., we embody the essence of Unreasonable Hospitality, aiming to make every customer experience magical. Just like Disney World is known for its exceptional hospitality, we strive to exceed expectations and create unforgettable moments for our customers. Through our core principles of Surprise and Delight, Personalization, Anticipation, Memorability, and Authenticity, we go above and beyond to provide extraordinary experiences. Whether it's offering personalized recommendations, anticipating needs before they arise, or creating memorable moments with unexpected touches, we are committed to delivering genuine warmth and care to every customer interaction. Join us on a journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and let us make magic together ✨

Equitable Employment 

At Hummingbird Candle Co., we're dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive, regardless of their background or identity. Our commitment to equitable employment goes beyond mere principle—it's a fundamental belief guiding every aspect of our workplace culture. From implementing diverse recruitment practices and unbiased hiring processes to ensuring equal pay and benefits, inclusive workplace policies, and community engagement initiatives, we're actively creating a workplace that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. At Hummingbird, you can sit with us—we're building a community where every voice is heard and every individual has the opportunity to succeed.

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