From Our Hands to Your Home:

When Tianna conceived Hummingbird Candle Co. five years ago, there were so many things she had to prioritize for her business. So, why was sustainability one of those priorities? Well, because Hummingbirds deserve a high quality product that enhances your home--not one that pollutes it and the world at large. As a millennial Momma of 7, not only did she want to provide a safe product to enjoy with her family (and now yours)…Tianna was just doing what generations of her family have always done. Sustainability is about doing more with less, and that is what Black people do on a daily basis. Despite the long-held practices of Black people that are sustainable, we’ve been left out of the more recent conversations on the topic. Finding  a seat at the sustainability table has been a struggle for many Black and POC folks. Tianna wanted to change that in a major way. 

Choosing to prioritize sustainability is a decision that goes beyond the realm of business; it's a commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of the wind beneath our Hummingbird wings--YOU


  1. Environmental Impact: By opting for materials like coconut wax and wooden wicks, we can reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to the conservation of natural resources. We think about sustainability even down to our packing peanuts!

  2. Healthier Living Spaces: Traditional paraffin wax candles, commonly found in the market, release harmful pollutants into the air when burned. Sustainable candles made from natural ingredients burn cleanly, emitting fewer toxins and promoting healthier indoor air quality. This choice is especially crucial for individuals with respiratory sensitivities or allergies, creating a more comfortable and safer living environment.

  3. Consumer Well-Being: We  are all becoming increasingly conscious of the products we bring into their homes. Our candles provide a safer alternative to traditional candles with synthetic fragrances and additives. We want to be the place you celebrate AND the place you trust to keep your well-being at the forefront of our business. 

  4. Positive Impact on Local Communities: Sustainable candle-making often involves sourcing materials locally, supporting local economies and artisans. This not only contributes to the economic growth of communities but also fosters a sense of connection and shared responsibility. Building strong relationships with local suppliers creates ripples that are far-reaching. 

  5. Social Responsibility: Sustainable practices often involve ethical considerations, including fair labor practices, community engagement, and support for marginalized populations. Caring about sustainability reflects a commitment to social responsibility, ensuring that the benefits and burdens of development are equitably distributed.

You can read more about what makes our candles sustainable here: Beyond The Flame: Sustainable Candle-Making with Hummingbird Candle Co. 

We want to be the place you celebrate AND the place you trust to keep your well-being at the forefront of our business.

Creating The World We Want To Live In

At the heart of Hummingbird is our commitment to supporting women and being an economic equity movement. With that in mind, we understand that sustainable practices are not always accessible to people for various reasons. As income inequality grows, making the sustainable choice is often pit against the need to save money or make it day to day. And that choice is valid and necessary. Sustainability should be a practice that not only seeks to preserve the natural resources around us, but also strengthens the communities we live in. Sustainable businesses offer living wages and fair practices, and create resilient individuals that can whether any storm, be it environmental or personal. That is why Hummingbird is committed to being a business that supports womxn and marginalized communities, who pays our workers fair wages and offers them flexible working environments so they can further their education, raise the next generation, or pursue and achieve personal fulfillment.

So, we're back to the original question again. Why sustainability? Because you deserve it. Because you are worth it. Because we all are. Like the legend, Denzel said, it's our responsibility to lift each other up. When we do that, we help create resilient people, who in turn, go out and help create resilient communities. And resilient communities make a kinder, fairer, better world.

That is why, at Hummingbird, in our events and classes, we celebrate you and cultivate opportunities for you to prioritize your pleasure and joy. That is why, in our products, we want to prioritize your health and your comfort. That is why, in our business practices, we pair sustainability and economic equity together. And finally, that is why, in our communities, we want to be a place that sows seeds of hope that sustain us for years to come. Thanks for celebrating with us, laughing with us, and trusting us. 


Tianna + The Hummingbird Team