Scent Scapes or Scent Zoning is a wellness trend that allows you to tie a fragrance to a mood or action. Walking into a room with a distinct scent can help us compartmentalize work vs play, productivity vs relaxation, wake-up routine vs bedtime routine, etc.


They say that scent is tied to memory. I know for me, the smell of a campfire instantly makes me feel like it's summer and makes me nostalgic about spending time up at the lake with my grandparents. For my husband, if something smells like lemons it is clean. I would imagine everyone has scents that trigger emotional responses. That is because the sense of smell is incredibly powerful. We can use different scents to feel focused, clear our sinuses, mark an occasion, etc. Why not use the power of aroma daily?


When I worked at Anthropologie, one of the morning tasks was burning incense through each of the sections of the store. Anthropologie is the G.O.A.T. at layering scents and starting with this first step is one of the big reasons. Our Palo Santo scent is basically the same as starting your day with a bit of incense. Any candle after that is just building depth. After lighting Palo Santo, I always start my mornings with 017 Hot Like Lava which is a citrus-forward scent (inspired by the Anthro Volcano candle) that starts my day off on the right foot.

My littles wake up soon after and almost immediately want to eat breakfast. I then go around the living room and kitchen which flow into one another to open the blinds and let the morning sunshine in. We spend most of our time in these two rooms and so I like to choose a candle or two for each that goes with whatever season it is. I usually go for our Foodie category in the kitchen so even if I’m not baking it sort of smells like I just did. Our living room is where I burn scents under our relaxing category or our clean category. Currently, I have been loving 027 Summer Vacay because even on a stormy, cloudy day I feel like I am at the beach. Next I make my morning coffee which right now has been a cookie butter latte. I am going to quote Parks and Rec (the show you should definitely go watch if you haven’t) and say TREAT YO SELF. Coffee is the first “treat yo self” moment of my day.

The rest of the morning can be kind of a blur depending on if my husband is coming home from a 24 hour shift or just starting one. However, Monday through Friday are my work days. Once my kids are down for their naps, I get to work. Possibly the most important part of my scent zone routine is creating a zone for my office because I don’t actually have a designated office space at the moment. Instead, I create a focus zone with candles. What better scent combination to get sh*t done then our NEW ADHD Bundle. The mandarin, ylang ylang, and peppermint are exactly what I need for clarity and productivity. I bring the bundle to the dining room table, set it up on the window sill if I am working from the couch, or put them on my bedside table if I am working in my room. It is sort of crazy how much the mandarin, ylang ylang, and peppermint are exactly what I need for clarity and productivity.

All of our guest bathrooms get a candle which I don’t burn unless we actually have guests over. However, the best part about Hummingbird candles is that you don’t have to be burning them to smell them. I just open the lids and let their cold throw fill the room. My recommendation would be to pick a scent from our clean category. My personal favorite is 024 Frosted Juniper but you really can’t go wrong with any option. 

After we put the kids down, I try to take time for myself by relaxing, shutting off my brain, burning a candle like 012 Peppermint Eucalyptus, and doing my skincare routine. The primary bathroom is the only bathroom the I always keep a candle from our relaxing category. They are also perfect if you are into baths. I keep all of my candle options on the window ledge next to the tub along with a jar full of bath bombs. Self-care is not something I have been great about staying on top of so building in 30 to 45 minutes has been such a game changer for me and my mental health.


Lucky you! Here at Hummingbird, we have been putting together bundles that are not only a killer deal but are also incredible scent combinations built to help you work through your ADHD, anxiety, homesickness, and seasonal depression. I highly recommend you start there and build a few candles into your daily routine.


It is crazy to think so many of our Hummingbirds don't know Madi who has been with the company and worked alongside Tianna for 5 years. The CXO or Chief Experience Officer plays a part in anything and everything you encounter from Hummingbird through our website, social media pages, in-store experiences, ads, products, etc. Madi has a hand in all of it. 

What started as a part-time retail position has grown into becoming Tianna's right-hand woman, work-wives, creative ying and yangs, as well as a lifelong friendship.

Madi studied at SCAD in the Fibers Department and graduated with her BFA in 2017. "I am a true Hummingbird through and through. I transferred schools, switched my major about a hundred times... What always stayed consistent was my work ethic and my creativity. Tianna gave me the opportunity to work in an environment where I was kept on my toes and was able to learn up close and personal what it is like to run a business. It has been the best experience."