AI generated image of diverse people with different abiilities enjoying a candle making experience at Hummingbird Candle Co.

Inviting spaces act as the heart of a community, pumping vitality and connection into its very essence. They are not just places, but catalysts for change, fostering inclusivity, understanding, and a shared sense of belonging. When we create environments where everyone feels welcomed, we're not just changing spaces; we're transforming communities, making them stronger, more cohesive, and resilient. Inviting spaces are where barriers fall, connections are forged, and the fabric of the community becomes richer and more vibrant. - Tianna Dean

The Philosophy Behind Inviting Spaces

The concept of an inviting space goes beyond aesthetic appeal or comfort. It embodies the idea of a place where every individual, regardless of their size, identity, or ability, feels genuinely welcomed and valued. At Hummingbird, we believe that such spaces are not just physical locations but are crafted through intentional design and the collective effort of a community committed to inclusivity and respect. These spaces play a crucial role in our mission to support sustainable communities, provide equitable employment opportunities, and celebrate every individual's uniqueness.

Fostering Connections Through Unique Experiences

Group of diverse people in Hummingbird Candle Co. Creating candles

An inviting space promotes meaningful connections among its occupants. This involves creating a layout that encourages interaction and engagement, whether through communal seating arrangements, interactive features, or shared experiences like the BYOB Candle Making Experiences offered by Hummingbird Candle Co.

At Hummingbird, it's not just about the place; it's about the experience. 

Picture this: our candle-making sessions are more like mini-gatherings where everyone – from first-timers to seasoned crafters – comes together, not just to pour wax but to pour out stories, share laughs, and craft not just candles but connections. It's these moments that turn a simple activity into a shared adventure, creating a community vibe that's all about belonging and bonding.

And about the space itself? It's designed with this very idea in mind. Think of cozy communal spots, interactive spots that spark conversation, and our unique BYOB Candle Making Experiences that bring everyone together. It's all about creating an environment that's not just inviting but irresistibly engaging, encouraging everyone to open up, interact, and feel a part of something bigger. It's these experiences and the thoughtfully designed space that form the heartbeat of Hummingbird, weaving together a community where every moment shared adds to our collective story.

Designing with Everyone in Mind

A Foundation of Inclusion and Respect

Inclusivity is more than a design principle at Hummingbird; it's our way of life. We are a space where everyone is welcome, where differences are celebrated, and where every individual can find a sense of belonging. Our team undergoes comprehensive training to understand and respect the diverse identities and abilities of our guests, ensuring our spaces remain accessible and comfortable for everyone. This foundation of inclusion and respect is what sets Hummingbird apart and fuels our mission to create truly inviting spaces.

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Our Commitment

Creating inviting spaces is more than a mission for Hummingbird; we hope to  transcend mere aesthetics to foster inclusivity, well-being, and environmental sustainability. Inviting spaces are characterized by their ability to welcome individuals from all walks of life, accommodating a wide range of needs and preferences to ensure that everyone feels valued and included.

Hummingbird spaces are thoughtfully designed with attention to accessibility for people of different abilities, ensuring that physical barriers do not prevent anyone from enjoying and participating fully in the environment. This means incorporating wider aisles for wheelchair access, selecting furniture that supports various body sizes, or implementing adjustable lighting to accommodate sensory sensitivities, and having gender neutral bathrooms.

Group of friends with different abilities having fun and dancing at Hummingbird Candle Co. 3 women, one woman in an wheelchair with their hands in the air

Empowering Communities Through Inclusive Design