Hi, friends! Alex, your friendly neighborhood Warehouse Manager, here! As our Seconds Sale approaches, I am sure you have seen us talk a great deal about our Early Bird ticket sale and our desire to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Early Bird tickets to The Channing's Joy Foundation. Started by support needs mama Lauren Flack, Channing's Joy encourages Autism Acceptance and Inclusion via their foundation. All of the money donated to Channing's Joy goes into a mutual aid fund for families of support needs children to receive the services their children need to thrive. Our hearts are drawn to this organization because we have several support needs mamas (myself included!) forming the backbone of Hummingbird. 

We know the struggles of navigating a world that does not always understand our kids and frankly, does not even want to try. We know the joy of small victories and the fierce determination of a mama faced with brick wall after brick wall. We know that love needs no words and all minds are beautiful. In celebration of those who have gone before us and come after us, here is a small offering from me to my fellow support needs mamas today...

A colorful wavy checkered background with the words "A Hummingbird Love Letter To Support Needs Caregivers"

This is a life you did not know to expect;

A story you are writing as you live it.

Sometimes reality is a cold wave over your head, stealing your breath.

Some days bring a feeling for which you do not have a name.

Some nights, a worry you did not think to have yesterday.

Still, you keep the pages turning.

You, the guardian angel of night lights and sound machines;

You, the great protector of the Midnights and 2 AMs;

You, slayer of the dragons of your own grief and the world’s ignorance;

You, the adventurer, who enters the cave and there finds what most do not bother to seek;

You, the nurturer, who studies the precious treasure to find the facets of what makes them glitter

and shine;

You, the philosopher, who finds enlightenment there in the deep, and realizes it turned

out to be your saving grace;

You, creator of safety where none exists; their shield and sword in one body;

You, the navigator, for whom, no piece of the map is not surveyed for the right steps to take,

the next place to go;

You, the dreamer, who watches over the flapping hands and trilling voices, the deep love, and the

quiet stars;

And I hope, as the story goes on,

You find your own dragon slayers and guardian angels and mapmakers too;

You know the strength in your spine as it folds toward this life is not to be discounted;

You allow yourself slow steps in the dark cave;

You take deep breaths with their head on your shoulder and be able to call it peace;

You find rest for your weary eyes once in a while;

You know all that you are is bigger than all you are not;

You show the world all the dazzling hues it refuses to see;


You find the life you did not expect became the life you were meant for all this time.

By: Alexandra Lane, Warehouse Manager

Alexandra likes to read and write poetry when she's not pouring candles for Hummingbird Candle Co. She has two beautiful boys and a pretty cute husband. Her youngest son, August, was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at two years old. She loves working for a small business that doesn't just talk about doing good--they actually do it. 

Want to support Channing's Joy + Support Needs Families

The clock is ticking for you to purchase Early Bird Tickets! 100% of the cost of these tickets will go directly to Channing's Joy. 

  • Ticket Sales will end Sunday, April 28th at 11:59 PM. 
  • The Early Bird sale begins Monday, April 29th at 8AM.
  • Early Birds get 24 hours to shop limited supply deals up to 50% off!
  • The sale opens to the general public on Tuesday, April 29th at 8 AM!