HB x Edit Beer Co.

Join us Thursday, April 27th, at Edit Beer Co. for a boozy, candle-making experience at one of Downtown Raleigh's newest breweries!


From $55.00 / person

What is it



Wondering what to expect during a Boozy Candle Making Experience at Edit Beer Co.?!? No worries we've got all your questions covered below!!

What do I get for $55??

A super fun hands-on experience, step by step instruction on how to pick your signature fragrance, you will choose from 10 and hand pour one luxurious coconut oil based 9 oz. candle (that will give you 80hrs of burn time), new chandler status, therefore, bragging rights (Chandler is a fancy word for professional candle maker), and selfies that will make even your most "fancy" Instagram friends jealous!

Experience timeline: 

- 30-minute cocktail period will start from 6:30-7pm

- Candle-making fun will begin at 7pm and last to 8:30pm

- 30 minutes for your candle to cool and solidify

Should we tip our Chandler?

Absolutely!! Our Chandlers work really hard to make sure your time at Hummingbird Candle Co is LIT! YOU really light our FIRE and if we light yours tips are always appreciated and help us push towards our mission of economic equity for Womxn! 

*Off-Site Events gratuity is included.


Does Edit Beer Serve Food?


We have a bar menu from our neighbors (Scooter’s Bar & Grill) that guests can order from. You are also welcome to bring in outside food to enjoy in our taproom.


Does Edit only serve Beer?


Yes! As our beer options continue to rotate, we will keep non-beer options like hard cider or hard seltzer on draft. We will also have red and white wine on draft in the near future. 


Does Edit carry any non-alcoholic beverages?


Yep! We carry a variety of Untitled Art NA beers as well as CBD seltzer. 

Are Masks Required?

Masks are not required at this time but are always welcome! We want you to be comfortable! Our candles are fragrant enough to be smelled through your mask and your entire experience can be enjoyed while wearing your masks! 

OH NO We are running late and we have a reservation...what should we do?!?

No worries! We understand sometimes things happen. We have a 10 minute grace period in order to be courteous to other reservations. If you aren't able to make it within 10 minutes of your reservation we are happy to reschedule you at our Fayetteville or Asheville location so that your party isn't rushed and can get the most out of your experience!*

When can I use the awesome candles I just made?

Your candle will need to rest for at least 30 minutes to allow time for your coconut wax to solidify. No worries!! We're at Edit Beer Co. a craft brewery in Raleigh, NC, featuring 20 taps and a mix of beers brewed on-site along with curated offerings from some of the finest beer, wine. There will be plenty to choose from, so grab a drink, hang out and your candles will be ready in no time!

Oh NO something came up and I need to cancel my experience! What do I do?

We do not give refunds for cancellations but we will do our best to accommodate your group at a later date and time. You can reschedule once without losing your deposit.


**With Off-Site Events, this will be a one-time experience dependent on location, however, you are more than welcome to visit our Fayetteville or Asheville location to make up your rescheduled candle-making experience. Any outside experience add-ons (i.e. Edit Beer Co. draft beer choices) from these locations will NOT be included at our stores.


We are looking forward to celebrating with you and your guests! Feel free to reach out to events@hummingbirdcandleco.com with any other questions or concerns, and we will get those taken care of! 

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