I launched Hummingbird in January of 2019. I was a Labor and Delivery RN in Grad School for Midwifery and mother of 6…even just typing that I'm out of breath…who was in desperate need of work life balance and a self care outlet. My husband had just retired from the US ARMY after 21 years of service and followed his dreams to become an entrepreneur and custom wood furniture maker. We quickly realized that his business wasn't going to work unless we were both in it and I took the crazy scary step to back away from my Nursing career to help out his small shop. 

In the OR scrubbing in to First Assist on a C-Section...Grad School...good times. 

OH Mr. Peanut....he was a girls best friend for a stalled Labor patient. 



But being the Feminist that I am I told him…

"I'm coming to help…but I've gotta have my own thing too." 


Ever since I was little I had a huge heart for the environment (thanks Captain Planet).  Having children made me even more conscious of the products we brought into our home. During my mission to exchange wasteful and harmful products for those that honor the Earth and our health, I became increasingly frustrated and surprised at how hard it was to find candles that were good for the environment and not filled with harmful ingredients.  My goal was to marry my love for Empowering Womxn and the Environment… in a sustainable way. 


It took a lot of time, practice, and research…but 9 months later we had created Earth-friendly delicious coconut wax candles and fragrance products that could be hand-poured in house by Womxn in our own community. We are proud to create jobs that not only pay fair wages but also provide a work life balance that women and those who identify as women need. We are crazy about women at Hummingbird! Every month we donate to organizations that support women locally and globally.


About to teach my first Hummingbird Candle Making Class...in my husbands furniture shop at the time. 


Our very first group of women! Gosh SO much of our brand has changed in such a short time! 


Never in my wildest dreams did I think my “little” candle line would end up being our saving grace when COVID hit. In March of 2020 we made the hard decision to close my husbands shop and convert that space into all things Hummingbird. Our community of Candle Addicts rallied around us and Hummingbird flew even higher! In the Native American culture, a Hummingbird is a symbol of accomplishing that which seems impossible. Our company started with just $6,000 itty bitty dollars and God's goodness; a side-hustle in the corner of my husbands shop.  3 years later we have two locations in Fayetteville & Asheville, North Carolina. And now our candles are sold in shops all over the country! 


Thank you for letting us share our story with you and your clients! But…more importantly… thank you for supporting a Black-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business, and the Womxn who work alongside me!